Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Revit Pumpkin by Marcello

In case anyone has not seen this yet, I wanted to post information about a Revit Pumpkin that I built and entered into Zack Kron's Halloween Pumpkin Modeling contest last year...

I am pleased to say that I won the "baddest" category. Click here to read all about the contest results and the other very interesting entries.

I learned a lot while modeling this pumpkin. I have to say it was harder than the Revit Elephant  and just like the elephant I didn't want it to be static, so I built in a scale factor parameter that controls the scale of the pumpkin.

This was extremely challenging. I also built the pumpkin so it could morph from a pumpkin pie filling can into a pumpkin.

Finally I wanted to make it scary so I spent a lot of time working on the face to be convincingly scary. Jay Zallan added his artistic input and so I took his recommendation and repeated the face around the entire pumpkin. Good Idea!
I will be going into more detail about this pumpkin at the Revit Technology Conference in Australasia and North America/Georgia this year. See you there.

Zack Kron
 was kind enough to make a 3D print of the Revit Pumkin and send it to me. Thank you Zack!.

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Aaron Maller said...

Dude, i love this blog. I just showed it to the Design team on a job here, because they have statues out front of a building theyre modeling. Lets make some lions!!!