Thursday, August 8, 2013

Send me your Site Topography and Hard-scape Challenges in Revit

I am asking anyone who thinks they have a site topography or hardscape modeling challenge to submit them to me so I could determine if it is possible to model it in Revit.  I am preparing for a class at Autodesk University 2013 titled 

"Make Hardscape Follow Site Topography and Site Topography Follow Hardscape in Revit"

In this class I will be showing step by step instruction on how to build straight walls, curved walls, sidewalks, curbs, stairs, planters, roads and other hardscape elements of any shape or size, that follow the exact shape and contour of any site topography element. Conversely, I will also be showing how to model site topography to match the location and shape of hardscape elements. 

One of the most common complaints I have heard about Revit is that it lacks "good" site topography modeling tools. Is that true? "So far" I have been able to model every hardscape and topo shape I wanted to....

So, if you believe the site topo modeling tools are "broken" or you simply think that you have a hardscape element that could not be modeled to follow the shape of site topography or if you think you have a topography shape that you don't think could follow a hardscape shape then send it my way. Simply leave a comment with a description of your challenge or a link to your Revit file. You have to be a member of this blog site to leave a comment though. So join up if you have not done so already. If you want to be a little discrete then you could email me at 

An example of a hardscape element would be "modeling curved walls that follow site topography" and an example of a site topography shape would be "model site topography to follow the shape of concrete stairs" 

Keep in mind that this class will focus on modeling hardscape that follows site topography and site topography that follows hardscape. So keep your requests for modeling dolphins and Star Wars characters to a minimum...oh what the hell... send those over as well.
AND...  if any of you know me by now, I will have to show how to model some type of "complex" shape using the site topography tools for the class. 

So remember to send me your challenges and make sure to sign up for AU2013 this year. See you there!


Unknown said...

Ahh wish I was going. this is stuff I must know!
Are you going to be able to make this available outside of AU?

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

Yes I will make these topography topics available outside of AU

Due to an overwhelming demand for topics such as TOPO. I will be expanding ALL the content that I teach to beyond just conferences very soon after AU.
The first topic will be TOPO.
There will be two avenues to which anyone not attending a major Revit conference will be able to get exposure to this content.
I am working on creating a one and multiple day course that covers Topography and will be available for anyone in the southern California and San Diego area.
For anyone outside of this area... I will also be creating online courses that will be broken up in to beginner and advanced sections. Stay tuned to this blog site for more details.

Unknown said...

Another option is to buy EAGLE PINT SITE WORKS FOR REVIT.

Revit Fact Check said...

Uhhh Guilherme Kalil your comment is laughably ignorant!!! The EaglePoint tools are a poor workaround that create masses, as opposed to real objects for the most part and are a pain to use and learn...and cost money and these methods generate real Revit objects with native BIM smarts and parametrics and are fucking free...PLUS they raise people's skills, so in parting: STFU.

Unknown said...

Revit Fact Check called it. Testify!

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

I get asked this question all the time.... what is the difference between what this class is showing (hardscape and topo) vs Site works for Revit? I will not answer that question directly I will only say that it has been my goal teach topics anyone could go to their office open OOTB Revit and start applying right away. Therefore, I never endorse or promote any api or addins for this class. addins are great!!!! they just are not part of my core methods. so if you want to try any addin that mirrors or replicates in part or in whole the methods I teach then GO FOR IT! A word of caution, with the methods I teach in this class they are free above and beyond the price of Revit, addins that may or may not reproduce what I show could cost thousands of dollars.