Monday, March 16, 2015

How do you know you selected a Revit Element using DynamoBIM?

 I thought I would make a simple Blog Post explaining how DynamoBIM "tells" the user it has selected a Revit Element from a Revit File.

Why write a blog post about this?? Well, for starters its not obvious to the everyday Revit UI user because when you select an element in Revit it turns BLUE! But in DynamoBIM it is represented a different way... and that way is by displaying the Revit Element ID.

Here is an example of a wall selected in Revit and in DynamoBIM and you see Revit turns it blue and DynamoBIM shows its element ID. You know its the same wall because Revit also could display the element ID as shown in the image below.

Simple? Good!
I hope this helps you understand how DynamoBIM has selected an element in Revit.
Now go out there and select some Revit elements using DynamoBIM!!!!

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