Monday, March 9, 2015

Want to add fillets to a series of separate lines in DynamoBIM? Join them into a polycurve first

I have gotten a few questions about how to add fillets at the corners of lines and I thought it would be best to share how I do it. The easiest way I have found to add fillets is to select the lines that form the corners and JOIN them into one polycurve then use the PolyCurve.Fillet Node and its a snap. The image below will summarize the process.

I hope this helps you save time when you want to add fillets to adjoining lines.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcello,

Does this really save time?

Think I may be missing the bigger picture. I could fillet these in seconds. Sorry for missing the point. Is there a deeper meaning.


Marcello Sgambelluri said...

Well, yes it will save time in certain situations, for example if the fillets are not on the same plane or if there are hundreds of fillets to be done.

but perhaps your fillets are simple and you could do it faster with manually using the fillet command and not creating a dynamo script that uses 5 nodes that you could create quickly.
then I say....
dont use dynamo for that task...

in fact this post was intended for revit users to know there is another way to fillet and then I would hope that the readers would make a discussion which method is faster ...
dynamo or manual for EACH situation and then use the FASTER method

I would Never ever ever suggest you use a slower method.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Maya said...

hi Marcello,
Please can you explain what "right side" is there for ??? Thank you so much

Unknown said...

Hi Marcello,
Please can you explain to me, what" right side" refers to; and why Boolean ?? Thank you so much