Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Get The Revit Version and Build Number Using DynamoBIM.

If you want to get the version and build number all you do is simply open up the .rvt file using DynamoBIM's powerful string reading tools!

1. Open DynamoBIM
2. add a file path node and select any Revit PROJECT (.rvt) file
3. add file.frompath and file.readtext node
4. add String.Split node and add the following string as shown in the image below
5. extract the second entry in the list

Confused? dont be. Its easy. DynamoBIM is essentially opening up the .rtv file in notepad and reading the text and isolating the part that starts with "Revit Build" and ends with "Last" It is written with spaces in the .rvt file so that is why there are \0 between each letter in the code block because "\0" designates a space.
Now go out and get those Revit versions.
Good luck.
Note that if your Revit file (.rvt) file is really large then it may take a while for DynamoBIM to read all that text... so be patient!


Unknown said...

Great Dude :)

Unknown said...

Very cool. Now, for your next trick... can we get Worksharing mode, and whether or not its a Central or Local using a similar method (without opening the rvt)?

After opening an rvt detached, most of the dynamo nodes related to file name / path etc don't work anymore.