Thursday, May 14, 2015

Revit Mechanical Forms

Created an ATST in Revit as a 3D adaptive component, as a Revit detail component (2D) and as a 3D geometry in Dynamo. Why?
Because I wanted to test how a complex mechanical form moves and so I chose to model an ATST! 
I sent out an update on twitter a few weeks ago and was amazed about the response so I thought I would post some progress images here. These are of the Stationary (3d) ATST built in Revit.

How did I build it? It took about 9 hours and its only mostly "boxes, and cylinders" as extrusions... I am still finishing up the Dynamo, Revit and 2d Revit versions of the "moving" ATST. What does this all mean? Nothing really other than these mechanical complex forms are possible within the above mentioned platforms even when they have complex moving parts. I do plan to present these in one form or another through out the year and if you are wondering.... Yes I will give these away during my presentations and eventually on this blog site! Stay tuned!


Stuart said...

Great stuff, Marcello!

Jarod said...

Pretty Cool!