Friday, March 25, 2016

How to Mirror DynamoBIM Geometry and Not Keep Original

Have you ever wanted to Mirror DynamoBIM Geometry and Not Keep Original?
It is sometimes annoying to have to mirror DynamoBIM geometry and "hide" the original?
Follow the image below on how to only create the mirrored DynamoBIM Geometry!
Its simple.
The trick is using design script and a strategically placed "."

So what is really happening here?

Well.... since design script is based on a C programming language you are able to perform multiple operations on an object by using the "."

Is it still confusing? Perhaps it is if you are not familiar with object based programming but think about it this way... it works in design script and thus in dynamo and that is good enough for me.

Just experiment and you will find out it will work with other operations other than mirror, such as scale and explode.... is another little secret...... you could add another "." after the last command and make another geometry operation such as mirror (again) or scale... try it out for yourself and tell a friend!


Engr hazem said...

HI Marcello
I started today to watch the first dynamo video on au and it was u now I am a big fan of you
dynamo is so great and u make it too easy
but for MEP for modeling I am trying to figure a way to change the pipe from pipe to place holder
can you help

Anonymous said...

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