Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hello everyone in this episode I am joined by John Pierson and in this episode we talk about the pros and cons of both python and C# for creating custom nodes for DynamoBIM
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Show notes:

  • Several methods to create custom Dynamo nodes.

  • To begin learning python, check out existing Dynamo packages available in package manager.

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The Simply Complex Podcast, is based on the theme of the parent blog "Simply Complex" and is dedicated to finding simple solutions to complex problems in the AEC-O industry with raw unedited audio podcast.
Marcello Sgambelluri is the main host and John Pierson and Jason Boehning are regular guest hosts.


Danny Jones said...

Marcello/John, great job as usual. I think that a class in zero touch would be really helpful. I'd really like to know why you'd choose that over python or design script. Seems like there's multiple ways to skin a cat with extending dynamo and I haven't really seen anything that pinpoints the pro's and con's of each. Thanks again guys.

ark anklo said...

Great set of tutorials, Danny. Could you possilbly do a tutorial where you create revit objects, multiple floors for instance, from multiple sets of lines? Im struggleing to understand what the methods for creating objects expect as input when it takes a CurveArray, like this: And more specifically, I'd love to see how you do this, if you have two sets of CurveArrays (from two rooms for instance :-)), so that iteration is needed. Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work :o)

calories in caesar salad said...

Hi Danny. For some reason I am not getting parameters in the outlist. I've changed the input parameter to return the 'mark' for a door. It seems no matter which parameter I choose no parameters output, only the familytype. Any thoughts as to why?