Tuesday, July 14, 2015

RTCNA 2015 Class "New Rotation Methods in Revit for 2D detail components and 3d Families" Topics

I will be teaching a class titled
"New Rotation Methods in Revit for 2D detail components and 3d Families"
at the RTCNA 2015 conference next week.

This class will discuss how to create rotation parameters within Revit Families to simulate complex Rotation.

These are 4 examples that we will cover in the class.

  1. 3D Rotation of CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT in the Mass Family Editor
  2. 3D Rotation of BI-FOLD DOOR in the Traditional Family Edito
  3. 3D Rotation of WINDOW WASHING DAVIT in the Adaptive Component Family Editor
  4. 2D Rotation of an ATST in the 2D Detail Family Editor including....Out of Plane Rotation       See for yourself in the Video Below. I hope to see you there!

If you are not able to make it don't worry I will post handouts on this blog after the conference.
I hope to see you there.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Finally! DynamoBIM training is Online at CAD Learning

Finding DynamoBIM training online has almost been non existing up until now and I would like to introduce a new course that CadLearning has just finished producing that contains over 3 hours of DynamoBIM intro training courses.

CADLearning for Dynamo
(Image from http://store.cadlearning.com/collections/dynamo)

This is the first time that any course has offered DynamoBIM training from such an intro level and that directly relates learning topics to Revit.
Some of the topics include
1. Understanding Nodes
2. Selecting Elements within Revit
3. Creating Revit Walls, and Grids
4. Understanding Lists.
and many more.
If you want to learn DynamoBIM from a non-programmer's perspective and learn it from the very beginning, that covers DynamoBIM basics and practical Revit uses then this course is for you.
Visit CadLearning's website and see for yourself. Also, I helped create and author these DynamoBIM lessons along with Jason Beohning. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Want to Create MEP SPACES as 3D Solids in REVIT? Its easy. Use DynamoBIM!

It is possible to CREATE 3D objects in Revit based on MEPspace geometry.
Why would you do this? Well... MEP spaces in Revit are 2D elements.
Its simply. Just follow the steps below (Also summarized in the image below)

Step 1
Place these 4 nodes as shown and wire them up....
(Catergories, All Elements of Category,  Element.Geometry,  InportInstance.ByGeometries)

Step 2
Click Run

....you will see a 3D view of your Revit MEP Spaces in Dynamo and it will create 3D Objects (as symbol imports) to your Revit Model.

And Yes, Its really that easy to view and Create 3D MEP Spaces in Dynamo and Revit. 

Don't know Dynamo? You don't need to, just download Dynamo and follow the steps above.
Good luck

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Want to view your Revit MEP SPACES in 3D? Use DynamoBIM

Have you ever tried to view your Revit MEP Spaces in a 3D view in Revit? You cant do it using Revit.

Visualize them using DynamoBim! It only takes 3 Nodes.
 Simply follow the steps below

Step 1
drop down these 3 nodes as shown and wire them up....
(Catergories,All Elements of Category, Element.Geometry)

Step 2
Then Click Run

....a 3D view of your Revit MEP Spaces!!!!!

The last node converts the Revit Geometry to Dynamo Geometry and therefore,
Dynamo will show you the rooms and NOT change the Revit model

If you are asking if it is really that easy to show the Rooms in 3D then the answer is yes its really that easy.

Good luck

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Using the Analysis Model for Something Other Than Structural Analysis RTCNA 2015 Outline

I will be teaching a class devoted entirely on how to use the Structural Analytical Model in Revit for tasks OTHER than structural analysis at the RTCNA 2015 conference. I thought I should share the "set list" for this class. I am so excited about this class. It is really the first time I taught a structural focused class in years.

If you are thinking that this class is not for you because you do not perform structural analysis...think again because it is for you!

Why? The analytical Model operates in a very powerful modeling environment that is far superior to any of the modeling environments that the Physical structural elements use and therefore the analytical model could be used to help you QA/QC, adjust, or even model structural elements. So make sure to attend and see you there.
For you readers who are not able to attend I will have the handout available after the conference.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Have you ever wanted to change the names of your rooms (that is shown in your tags) in your Revit model to all UPPER CASE?
DynamoBIM is here to help you. Simply follow the Dynamo Graph below and you will get it done!

This example only shows you how to change the name of the rooms to upper case but you could use this same method to change the text of Sheet Names, Sheet Numbers, Views and most any text parameter to upper case. Simply select those Revit Family Instances and change the parameter name from "Name" to something else. I have tried it on Sheet names and views already! 
Try it out on your rooms and on your other Family's text parameters. You will be glad you did. I recommend running the dynamo graph in "manual" run mode. The results are more predicable. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Find / Select Imported DWG in Revit using DynamoBIM

If you ever wanted to find those long lost imported dwg families in your Revit model then DynamoBIM is here to save the day!
Simply follow the graph below and you will be able to select / find / identify all those imported dwg files. Its easy and it only takes 7 nodes.

If you want to select these imported dwg's in Revit you could simply select them by typing in the element ID from the DynamoBIM filtered list into the "Select by ID" dialog box in the Revit Manage Tab. I hope this helps and happy imported DWG hunting! 
A special thank you goes out to Dimitar Venkov for helping me simplify this Dynamo graph!