Friday, February 5, 2016

Change Loadable Family Types Using DynamoBIM!

Have you ever wanted to change a loadable family type using the Revit UI? OF COURSE... You just use the type selector....
Have you ever wanted to change a loadable family type using Dynamo? OF COURSE... You CANT just use type selector node... Dynamo does not have one
So how do you change the loadable family type? Its easy but not that intuitive.

Follow the graph below and you will be an expert at it in no time.


A special thanks to Dimitar Venkov of the Bad Monkey Group for helping me understand this process!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Preparing for a Conference Technical Presentation Preview

Over the next few months I thought it would be fun to show  how I personally prepare for a Conference Presentation.

People always ask me

"Marcello What is  your secret to giving a presentation that has won top  awards at both AU and RTC"?

the truth is ...
I have no secret.... 
I just try to improve every year

So here is a preview.....from one of the segments of this series....

Selecting the right examples......

When I present a conference technical presentation I could not just provide any example.
It has to be one that is well thought out or else I will lose the audience. The example has to have (at the least) the following considerations.

  1. is this relevant to the audience? 
  2. Could they use it or modify it for their use?
  3. is it to complicated so they do not understand it?
  4. is it to simple so they already know it?
  5. is it to "plain" so they think its not interesting?
  6. could the entire concept be explained in 10 to 12 minutes (this is the huge one and the deciding factor for every example i chose)

what does my "example" or set list look like?...

Here is one example of a set list prep that I did for #AU2015 that received the top rated class and a top speaker award for me

As I said this is just a sample of the 
"Preparing for a Conference Technical Presentation"
series to be shown over the next few months so stay tuned!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hardcore Revit Site Topography Modeling Class Proposed for 2016

I have been promising to present a Site Topography Modeling class in Revit for years now and I am finally going to do it!
I will be proposing this class for RTCNA 2016 and I hope they accept it. (Yes it was rejected in 2014)Topo is not going away anytime soon and we cant wait for the Revit developers to make the necessary changesDynamo and the Revit Site Extension tools help a little... but it still does not solve the topo modeling problem..... Its Hard to model and its a clunky mesh element...SO....

I will call the proposed class

 Hardcore Site Topography Modeling in Revit

There will be some crazy examples but at the end of the course attendees will be able to model most any Site Topo Shape.... 

The course will include the following topics 

Topo Human Head Modeling

Topo Dolphin Modeling

Topo Modeling around Retaining Walls

Helical Topo Modeling

Topo Following Hardscape


and Many Other Topo Shapes!

So Stay tuned because 2016 will be even better than 2015!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Add Fireproofing to Structural W and HSS Round Columns Using DynamoBIM!

To add fireproofing to structural columns just add the nodes below to any Revit project that has "W" column sections contained within it.
Easy? It should be. There is no need to open a structural column family and edit it anymore!

What about PIPE COLUMNS? Follow the nodes below and learn how to create fireproofing for pipe columns and how to bring it back into REVIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Create Revit Grids from an Imported/Linked AutoCAD File Using DynamoBIM

Have you ever wanted to create Grids from a linked DWG in Revit? Isolate the grids in your dwg and link it into Revit. Then add the nodes below shown in the image. It only requires 5 nodes... Yes Really...
New to Dynamo? Download it for free at and get started.

Want to learn more about working with dwg?
Attend my lecture on "Dynamo for Contractors" At Autodesk University 2015

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Create 3D Rooms in Revit Using DynamoBIM

It is possible to CREATE 3D rooms  in Revit based on 2D room geometry.

Its simply. Just add the nodes as shown in the image below.

Here is the best part....... the 3D Rooms are placed in the Room Category!!
Just Make sure you are using at least Dynamo Version .9x
Need to learn more? I will get into more depth about this and many other topics in my
"Practical Dynamo Class" at Autodesk University 2015 so make sure to attend.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Get the Start and End Points of the BOTTOM of MEP Pipe System Families in Revit Using DynamoBIM

If you want to get the start and end points of the bottom of MEP Pipe system families in Revit simply add the nodes shown in the image below.

Why do you need this information you may ask? First of all, Revit does not easily display the start and end points at the bottom of a pipe families. So, use this information as you wish or tell a Revit Friend. I am sure someone you know will want to use it. Good Luck!