Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Revit Cow

I am posting some images of the Revit Cow, in case anyone has not seen this Revit family yet.
The Revit Cow (Mass Family)
I built this cow out of surfaces in the mass family editor that consists of hundreds of reference lines and thousands of reference points. (see the image below)

The Revit Cow (points and curves)
Why did I create a Bovine in Revit you ask? Actually, someone from Autodesk wanted a Cow family in Revit to determine if some of the new wall features would work on such a complex organic shape. I was approached by Zach Kron, and I happily took up the challenge. The Revit Cow has been featured in a class I taught at the The North America Revit Technology Conference,  is in an article I wrote for the September 2011 issue of AUGI World, and is the official mascot of the Los Angeles Revit User Group (LARUG). Thanks Jay Zallan and Co.
The Revit Cow (Walls Applied to Mass Surface)
I am happy to push Revit to its modeling limits to determine if something that is geometrically complex  "COULD" be created in Revit. I do not worry myself with determining if something that is geometrically complex  "SHOULD" be created in Revit. I will leave that discussion to the Revit Community.  


Plessey Mathews said...

Wow fantastic. Thank you for giving all of us newbies hope that most anything is doable. Some questions that rose.

1. Was this more complex than your Revit Elephant?
2. Did you do this in one sitting or was it an iterated process.
3. Did you have have some helful geometry from elsewhere or was it an organic artistic approach?
4. Any advice for free form modelling in Revit that you learnt the hard way?

Thank you again

Unknown said...

I was looking for something very specific for a Revit project I'm working on. I was surprised to find that your Revit cow is exactly what I need. Did you ever think that someone would need this for construction documents? I know there are plenty of 3d cows all over the internet but the problem is, as I'm sure you're well aware, anything you import into Revit will be faceted and doesn't look good in drawings. I like the idea of having Revit components in Revit models anyway. Is there any way I could get a hold of that model? I would really appreciate any help you can provide, thanks.

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

Send me your contact info.

Adriel said...

Hi Marcello,
i am interested in complex revit geometry and would love to explore how you modelled it. Would it be possible to share your cow with me? My email is arie11a0(at)gmail.com
I'm a Revit student expert.

P.S: i won't make a burger out of it =P

Unknown said...

Sorry to get back to you so late. I couldn't find your contact info anywhere so here's mine bderrick@ffkr.com. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Im making a milking facility for a school project and i would be realy glad if i could get your 3D Cow to be standing in my revit project. :D My contact info is Johan_skagerlind@hotmail.com

Best Regards Johan

James Duncan said...

I really enjoyed your class at AU last year (2013), could not make it this year. I am working with many different complex forms and trying to develop a work flow for importing complex geometry from other software packages, 3DS Max, Maya or Mudbox to Revit. I would really like to exchange some thoughts and ideas. Please email me at jduncan@franklinarch.com