Thursday, August 2, 2012

Construction Lift Family Available to all RTC attendees!

The Construction lift Revit family (see images below) is now available to all RTC attendees! 
If you were fortunate enough to attend either the  Revit Technology Conference Australasia or the  Revit Technology Conference North America this year, then you have the opportunity to download it. 
This family was featured in three labs that I taught at RTC AUS and NA as shown at the RTC AUS Blog  and here at the at the RTC NA Blog

Do you want to know how I built it? Well, download it, click edit, and see for yourself.
The family has NO, yes I mean NO, nested families in it.
Why did I not nest any families into it you ask? Simple, I wanted to keep the file size down.
The entire family is very small in size, and would have been easily 5 times larger if I would have nested every part into it. 



Cole Teafoe said...

"If you were fortunate enough to attend either the Revit Technology Conference Australasia or the Revit Technology Conference North America this year, then you have the opportunity to download it." I was not fortunate enough to be able to attend these conferences. Is there any other way to get this family? I am very much wanting to disect this thing and see how you did it!

Anonymous said...

Your family looks really cool once it goes through Image-o-matic...

Anonymous said...

Do I smell a take-down notice?