Thursday, September 6, 2012

Subjects Covered in my AU2012 class "AB3741 Advanced Autodesk Revit Modeling Techniques"

I am very honored to be speaking at AU 2012 with my very own class.
 "AB3741 Advanced Autodesk Revit Modeling Techniques"  8am Thursday Nov 29th 2012.

Space is limited, if you have not signed up please do so ASAP. 

The following topics will be discussed among others.....

  • Planar beams, double curving beams, spiral beams and walls that  follow complex roof surfaces

  • Walls and sidewalks that follow the exact contours of site topography elements
  • Floors and Beams that follow the contours of the Revit Cow.

  • Scaling the Revit Cow Family from scratch in under 10 minutes! This method is NOT in the handout so you have to attend to find out how to do it!

Make sure to sign up for the class, space is limited. See you there.
"AB3741 Advanced Autodesk Revit Modeling Techniques" 
AU 2012 CLASS 

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