Thursday, May 9, 2013

Topics Covered in the RTC AUS CLASS: "Family Modeling Secrets Revealed"

Below are some of the topics I will be covering in a class I will be teaching 
at RTC AUS 2013. 

 "Family Modeling Secrets Revealed"  

The following topics will be discussed among others.....
  • How to Model a Jet Airplane Engine
  • How to Model a spline so its length is re-portable and how to apply to a curved wall

  • How to model helical Site Topography

  • How to Model the motion of construction equipment using inverse kinematic principles

  • How to Model the Revit Pumpkin 

  • How to model the Revit Cow

There was no way I have time to show the secrets for every family I ever built within the 75 minute time constraint of the class. However the examples I will be showing in class will highlight a large number of modeling techniques that could be applied to other families.
Note: This class will only be taught at RTC AUS so please try to sign up for the RTC AUS if you have not done so already.

See you all at the Revit Technology Conference

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