Saturday, June 29, 2013

Topics Covered at the PDXRUG (Portland Revit User Group) meeting in July 2013

I have the privilege to be speaking at the Portland Revit Users Group on July 16th 2013 right after RTCNA 2013 concludes in Vancouver.  Read the official announcement here.

The topic is simply called:

"Massing and Adaptive Components"

 The plan is to cover topics from the very basic introductory level to very advanced modeling in only 75 minutes. If you are in the Pacific North West area I encourage you to attend. 

The following topics will be discussed among others.....stay tuned and hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mass Family Basics, what is a reference point etc...
  • Mass Family Basics, what elements could be modeled?

  • Mass Family Basics, How Masses are used

  • The difference between the Mass family editor and the Adaptive component editor will be explained!
  • Adaptive component Basics, what is an adaptive component?
  • Adaptive component Basics, Intro to Repeaters and applications of Repeaters on Ceilings and Roof Framing
  • Adaptive component applications including how to flex parameters
  • Adaptive component modeling techniques, how to model complex families including the Revit Cow and the Revit Pumpkin

The class will have to move very quickly to cover these topics however it will be fun and engaging. Oh did I say that the class has a 102 page handout? Contact PDX RUG to get it. I cant wait! See you all there!

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