Friday, August 23, 2013

Learn How to Align and Measure a Scope Box in Revit without the API

Brand New Method Here!!!!!!!!!!

Frustrated with the limited modeling tools of the scope box element in Revit?
Did you ever want to know how to align and measure a Scope Box in Revit?

Anyone tell you it could not be done?
Watch the following video tutorial I recorded and decide for yourself.
No API was used for this method.
If any of you know know.... I add a lot of background when I explain a new method so make sure to sit thru all 15 minutes and don't even think about skipping to the end or else you will miss something :)
This is for all levels of Revit , beginner to guru.
Make sure to turn up the sound because it was a little low when I recorded it. Enjoy! I hope this helps.


Hein Welman said...

Worth the 15 min.thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, the method really makes it posible to control the scopeboxes - a line across at both ends and its posible to rotate the scopebox with a precision normally not possible :-)