Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Preparing for a Technical Presentation and Class Conference Rankings

I am in the process of developing a course and potential book about how I prepare and deliver a technical presentation. I thought I would write a blog post and show one of the outlines that show the phases that I go through to prepare for a lecture at a conference.  Preparing for a presentation at a conference such as AU or RTC does not happen overnight for me, in fact it takes months of planning as shown below. Stay tuned because I will keep everyone informed on my progress on the class and book.

·        (+-1 year to 11 months prior) The "You can’t do that in that software" phase
·        (11 months to 10 months prior) The "I need a breakthrough" phase
·        (10 months to 9 months prior) The "Hurry, Proposals are due" phase
·        (9 months to 4 months prior) The "Testing" phase
·        (9 months to 4 months prior) The "Example Selection" phase
·        (4 months to 2 months prior) The "Practice" phase
·        (2 months to 1 months prior) The "Handout Writing" phase
·        (1 months to 0 months prior) The "Final Presentation Prep" phase
·        (0 months to 0 days prior) The "Delivery" phase


The Revit Kid said...

Great idea Marcello. You clearly have a talent for presentations and every one I have been to has been incredibly engaging. I look forward to how this will unfold and if I can help in any way let me know!

Anonymous said...


I agree! Great idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Do you typically incorporate the collection of evaluations from attendees into your process? Seems like you could then start the entire process with a review of prior evaluations before finalizing the presentation to incorporate valuable suggestions or issues identified by attendees.