Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Revit 747 and 787 jet family from Marcello

Here are some more free revit jet models, the 747 (added back) and the 787.
I built these about 3 years ago. So here they are!

Revit 747 Family
Revit 787 Family

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Use these families as an education tool only....which also means use them at your own risk. Make sure to deconstruct it and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcello:

seems to be the links is no longer working!


The said...

The download for these families doesn't seem to work. Would be really interested to see them to learn how they were built.

Phuc Tran said...

Dear Marcello,
I am a student from Vietnam and I am working on an airport project using Revit. Your families are fantastic. It would be very kind of you to repost the link. Or can you send me via my email: Thank you.

sdanley said...


Thank you for posting these excellent families for us to examine and aspire to. Any chance you could re-post this one?

Thanks and look forward to seeing you next AU,

Ashley Lorraine said...

are these still available? need them for a project!