Sunday, June 29, 2014

Applying IK in the Revit Classical Family Editor (one application... Folding Doors)

I recently taught a lab at RTCNA 2014 "Inverse Kinematics in Revit"
In the lab we covered how to apply IK principals to Revit families.

I wanted to share a video with everyone on how to use IK principles and apply them to the classical family editor. (the folding door) (there is no commentary from me... its pretty simple to follow...there is music though that starts at the 1/3 point of the video.

Its Simple! All you do is  host revolves onto each-other This takes the principle of the "revolve" method and hosts them onto eachother.

This IK method (that uses hosted revolves) could be applied to any family in the classical family editor that has MULTIPLE joints. What do you want to apply it to?

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RevitBeyondBIM said...

Very nice. And wow, really useful too !!