Monday, March 2, 2015

Ever wanted to use the Revit "Repeater" Command on a Loadable family other than an Adaptive Component?

Currently in Revit you are only allowed "repeat" an adaptive component family.

What if you want to repeat a planting family or some other family other than an AC along a path?
It is possible with DynamoBIM!
Its easy and it only takes 6 nodes. Follow the steps below.

  1. Draw a curve or path that you want. 
  2. Create or load any loadable family you want into your project ( in this example a planting family was used)
  3. Open DynamoBIM from your project and add the 6 nodes you see in the image.
  4. Click run and DynamoBIM will repeat your planting family.

In Revit along you ....could nest the planting (or other non AC) family into an AC family and then use the repeater command. 
But the method above (that used DynamoBIM)eliminates the need to nest families into eachother and, as shown in the previous post, the number of repeated families is not limited to 200! So think about using DynamoBIM on your next repeater task and have fun repeating those Loadable families!


Sol said...


Very cool! I'm so going to use this.

I'm also curious, what is the difference between the nomenclature of:

0..1..(1/55) and 0..1..#55 ?



Marcello Sgambelluri said...

see this post about your #55 question

JohnP said...

I was having trouble until I realized that the lacing has been changed to cross product in the example. Ooops :)

Thanks for the great examples as always marcello!


Unknown said...

Nice post! Is possible insert the components with a rotate position, for example, perpendicular to the path? And the distance between componets isn't the same if you made a path with several points, is possible fix a distance between components like a 1 meter?

Really thanks