Friday, May 1, 2015

QA/QC your Revit Structural Framing using the Structural Analytical Model

Do you turn off that analytical model because you are not using it for structural analysis? Wait!!!!!
It has other uses other than structural analysis. Say What?! Many have asked me what I am talking about so.....

Here is a small example of what it could be used for. See image below.

I will be showing many many more examples from QA/QC to Structural Modeling in my class at RTCNA 2015.
So if you are a Revit modeler,structural engineer, architect, mep or any other Revit user that... just LOOKS at Revit structural elements think again before you turn off that structural analytical model. You may be missing out on a whole entire modeling "universe" that could help you in your Revit endevears.

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