Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Dynamo for ETABS, Dynamo for SAP and Dynamo for Tekla just added to the Dynamo SIMPLEX package

Good news everyone,
I have just finished updating the Simplex package for Dynamo.

The Simplex package has 3 major categories.
This collection of Nodes allow you to do some tasks with Revit including copying
3D families from unopened Revit files to the Current (opened) Revit File and wrapping and unwrapping elements.

This also has the only known set of nodes (has far as I know) that allow you to read text from word (.docx) files

This set of nodes create complex dynamo geometry shapes including the Dynamo Cow. Why? Why not!

These set of nodes allow you to access the databases of 

ETABS version 2016 and this contains over 800+ nodes
If you want to get started using these nodes that first open ETABS 2016 
and use the example to get started. I will post more on these later. This example gets analysis results.

SAP version 19 and this contains over 800+ nodes
If you want to get started using these nodes that first open SAP version 19 first 
and use the example to get started. I will post more on these later. This example gets frame lengths.

and Finally TEKLA version 2016 and this contains over 30+ nodes
If you want to get started using these nodes that first open TEKLA version 2016 and then open Dynamo with the simplex package installed. 
There are some sample nodes shown below. for example you could get the Beam finshes or convert TEKLA beam geometry to Dynamo solid geometry or even create beams with start and end points similar to Dynamo for Revit.

Since there are over 1800 nodes in the simplex package now it is not fully documented. 
It is a work in progress and I wanted to get this out to the AEC community ASAP so it is still
 in Beta it is not uploaded to GITHUB so use it at your own risk
Comments? Post them Here. And thanks to Scott Hegie for his efforts in helping put these nodes together.

If you are a Hard core expert or beginner in  ETABS or SAP or TEKLA or Revit I am sure the Simplex pacakge will have something to offer you.
Good Luck and I will be posting more indepth examples on how to use 
each of these 
Nodes in the future.


Nirbhay Chauhan said...

Hi, Marcello. Glad to see your recent update of Simplex package with lots of structural nodes. I was trying my hands on some of them but I'm facing a common issue. Please see the image in the below link and please guide me or provide me some pointers about what I'm missing:

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Nirbhay Chauhan

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

get the latest build its fixed now thanks

Nirbhay Chauhan said...

Yes, it's solved now. Thank you so much once again. :-)

Yannis Mazis said...

Hi, Marcello. Congratulations gor this great job you have done. You have really helped me a lot. I would like to know if there is going to be an update for your package which will support Etabs Ver.17 kai Sap200o ver.20.

Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi Marcello,
Thanks for the recent update to ETABS 2017, greatly appreciated. For those of use that want to use your nodes for ETABS manipulation, is it possible/easy to get your package split (or modified) so that we can load it into the Dynamo Sandbox? At the moment it will only load into Revit Dynamo.


Unknown said...

Hi Marcello,
I was wondering if you could take a look at the ETABS node PropArea.SetModifiers node. In the API this node requires a Name and then an array of doubles. Your Dynamo node only accepts a Name. The Frame modifier looks ok.


Unknown said...

Hi Marcello,

The setmodifiers wrapper for ETABS was missing an input. The below code is a fix, but maybe there is better code (I am not very good). There are others missing the same. If you want me to find some vacation students to do some editing, etc to check these functions, let me know and I am sure we can help.

PS: Another wish list is that the ETABS and SAP function calls perhaps have their names in the node. When you search in Dynamo for say SetModifiers, you get the SAP and ETABS functions and no clue on which one you are selecting. Would ETABS.Setmodifiers and SAP.Setmodifiers be better?


[MultiReturn(new string[] { "ret", "Value" })]
public static Dictionary SetModifiers(string Name, List modifiers)
cSapModel SapModelObject = PropArea.UseExistingInstance().SapModel;
double[] Value = modifiers.ToArray();
int ret = SapModelObject.PropArea.SetModifiers(Name, ref Value);
Dictionary OutVars = new Dictionary()
{ "ret", ret },
{ "Value", Value }
return OutVars;

BoardowyMarcin said...

hello Marcello,
you might want to take a look at this thread at Github:

It's about Simplex.

+ are you planning to release Simplex version so it will be available in DynamoSandbox? :) Hardly ever I use Simplex and Revit at the same time.


Marcello Sgambelluri said...

looking into issues

Nirbhay Chauhan said...

Hi Marcello.
I've been using Simplex package for a long time now and it has been of great use. I'm facing a li'l issue when using 'FrameObj.SetLoadDistributed', as the loads are not getting replaced. However, the 'Replace' is set to 'True' by deafult in the node, still I tried using a bool for that but the problem sustained. Moreover, re-running the script keeps on adding the loads incrementally.

Screenshot in the below link for reference:

I'm using Simplex version 2017.2.1 as I'm having ETABS 2016. Please guide me if I'm missing something or what else could be the issue.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Nirbhay Chauhan

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

i will look into it
this is all in betA and it use at your own risk
i plan to set up a github or equivalent to
issues could be reported