Monday, May 11, 2020

Want all of my families I have ever built? Its now available in one spot!

I have some amazing news.
I noticed that over the last 10 years I have created some crazy Revit families and I never made them available to the public in one place until now.

So I teamed up with a company called  UNIFI who specializes in storing and managing AEC content. They agreed to host all of my content on their site under their subscription page. See image below.

This would include many families that I never showed before or never gave to the public including the Revit Elephant, classical columns,  BatMobile Topo Model and many more
So what are you waiting for? ......

Oh..... So what if you are not a UNIFI Customer?
No Problem ... just get the UNIFI demo here and Download all the content before your trial is up :)


Anonymous said...

Unifi is probably a useful company but after taking the demo and indicating it might not be appropriate for our company I was not given the trial. I'm still interested in your cow project - any way of getting the files other than Unifi? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did the Unifi demo but the salesman would not give me access to the trail as our company could not use this software. Any other way to get your cow file? Thanks.

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

that is too bad
here is a link to get the cow file