Saturday, May 23, 2015


Have you ever wanted to change the names of your rooms (that is shown in your tags) in your Revit model to all UPPER CASE?
DynamoBIM is here to help you. Simply follow the Dynamo Graph below and you will get it done!

This example only shows you how to change the name of the rooms to upper case but you could use this same method to change the text of Sheet Names, Sheet Numbers, Views and most any text parameter to upper case. Simply select those Revit Family Instances and change the parameter name from "Name" to something else. I have tried it on Sheet names and views already! 
Try it out on your rooms and on your other Family's text parameters. You will be glad you did. I recommend running the dynamo graph in "manual" run mode. The results are more predicable. 


dwanenz said...

Any way to Change only Selected Text to Uppercase? or Even only Txt on a Current View?

Adam said...

Hi Marcello,
I was at your class where you taught this and recently came across something Revit doesn't do out of the box and thought maybe I can do that with dynamo like "The cool kids!" Maybe you can help me out. I am trying to make an elliptical stair. Revit will let you draw an ellipse but it wont let you use it to make a stair, among other things. Any way to use revits stair tool via dynamo to do this?

Maarten Vroegindeweij said...

Hi Marcello,

Excellent post, thanks!

Unknown said...

Are these OOTB nodes? Having trouble finding Categories node. Is there a package I should have?

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

Yes ALL OOTB Nodes

Unknown said...

Got it! They are only available within the Dynamo add-in within Revit, not standalone. Thank you.