Saturday, June 13, 2015

Using the Analysis Model for Something Other Than Structural Analysis RTCNA 2015 Outline

I will be teaching a class devoted entirely on how to use the Structural Analytical Model in Revit for tasks OTHER than structural analysis at the RTCNA 2015 conference. I thought I should share the "set list" for this class. I am so excited about this class. It is really the first time I taught a structural focused class in years.

If you are thinking that this class is not for you because you do not perform structural analysis...think again because it is for you!

Why? The analytical Model operates in a very powerful modeling environment that is far superior to any of the modeling environments that the Physical structural elements use and therefore the analytical model could be used to help you QA/QC, adjust, or even model structural elements. So make sure to attend and see you there.
For you readers who are not able to attend I will have the handout available after the conference.


Anonymous said...

Would you be able to post the handout? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Could i too get a copy of the handout please ?