Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Want to Create MEP SPACES as 3D Solids in REVIT? Its easy. Use DynamoBIM!

It is possible to CREATE 3D objects in Revit based on MEPspace geometry.
Why would you do this? Well... MEP spaces in Revit are 2D elements.
Its simply. Just follow the steps below (Also summarized in the image below)

Step 1
Place these 4 nodes as shown and wire them up....
(Catergories, All Elements of Category,  Element.Geometry,  InportInstance.ByGeometries)

Step 2
Click Run will see a 3D view of your Revit MEP Spaces in Dynamo and it will create 3D Objects (as symbol imports) to your Revit Model.

And Yes, Its really that easy to view and Create 3D MEP Spaces in Dynamo and Revit. 

Don't know Dynamo? You don't need to, just download Dynamo and follow the steps above.
Good luck

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cyborg said...

Hi Marcello. Great stuff! I have a challenge though. What I need to do is generate the floors (for example - generic objects or mass would work fine too) for each room rather than the generic solids. Unfortunately each solid is in Revit recognized as different object category. Therefore I cannot use it to create the Equipment for use in BIM360Field. My concept is that for each room I would create and object (like a floor) and optionally text object matching the room name. I have used your tutorial from AU, but I'm encountering the problem when I need to do it for more than one level. I can generate all room geometries just fine, but i can generate the outline only for level 0. Anything else and it just does not work.
I have a code that generates plane at each Level elevation, but I cannot use it to cut the solids. So I generated the planes separately. At Level 1 - no problem. Level 2 error.
I have uploaded the Revit sample file and dynamo code here:

Thank you for your help.