Monday, July 13, 2015

Finally! DynamoBIM training is Online at CAD Learning

Finding DynamoBIM training online has almost been non existing up until now and I would like to introduce a new course that CadLearning has just finished producing that contains over 3 hours of DynamoBIM intro training courses.

CADLearning for Dynamo
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This is the first time that any course has offered DynamoBIM training from such an intro level and that directly relates learning topics to Revit.
Some of the topics include
1. Understanding Nodes
2. Selecting Elements within Revit
3. Creating Revit Walls, and Grids
4. Understanding Lists.
and many more.
If you want to learn DynamoBIM from a non-programmer's perspective and learn it from the very beginning, that covers DynamoBIM basics and practical Revit uses then this course is for you.
Visit CadLearning's website and see for yourself. Also, I helped create and author these DynamoBIM lessons along with Jason Beohning. Enjoy.

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Paolo Emilio Serra said...

Hi Marcello, just for letting you know, there's a mistake in the evaluation test answers 11 and 12 are inverted.