Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Find the Families in your Revit Project that have Embedded DWG mesh files. Use Dynamo BIM

Have you ever wondered if the families in your Revit project contain meshes? Families that contain meshes, most of the time, mean that they have one or more imported DWG files embedded in them.
Well, if you are slightly curious then simply open your Revit Project and place the nodes shown in the image below.

The sample shown was tested on some furniture families in a Revit Project and as shown the dining tables were made of meshes! Busted! 

Please note that some families such as topo and rpc's always have meshes in them. Also note that the method above will not find meshes that are "not visible" in a family. 

Happy mesh hunting!


catafest said...

Thank's for share. I don't know that.

Unknown said...

Hi Marcello,

I work with interior designers who end up pulling gnarly families offline faster than we can audit each one individually and I end up having models that get pretty messed up pretty fast. I have built a robust check to query all placed families in a given project which reports things like family size, face count, in-place models, naming violations. The one thing I struggle with is identifying mesh objects from imports. I can do it on a small scale, but not the scale of a whole project. My machine crashes without fail each time. My theory is that the element.geometry node is actually building the geometry in dynamo where as the other node I am using to audit native revit families is the element.elementFaceReferences. It seems like this does not actually build the geometry in dynamo and allows me to cast a much wider net while auditing. My question for you is, do you know if there is any other node other than the element.geometry to query objects for meshes? Some of these mesh furniture families from imports I have come across contain 74,000 faces and when I audit the whole model, 64 gig Ram just doesn't seem like enough juice.

Marcello Sgambelluri said...

i do not know how to "know" if there is a mesh in a family without having it extract the geometry first..... let me think about this one... good question for sure