Saturday, March 30, 2013

Revit Site Topography Modeling Class Planned for 2014

I always get asked after I present at a local user group such as LARUG or BUGIE or PDXRUG or at a conference such as the Revit Technology Conference or Autodesk University what I am up to. I have been asked this question so many times that I feel it is important to let all the blog readers know one of the subjects I have planned for the year 2014.

Site Topography Modeling in Revit! Up until the middle of 2012 I never really modeled using the site topography tools in Revit. It was not until I used the "Intersection Method" to determine how to make Hardscape elements, such as walls and sidewalks, follow the contours of site topography was I approached countless times with questions on "how to" model topography using the site topo tools. See the RTC 2013 schedule, I will be teaching a double lab on modeling Hardscape elements, you dont want to miss it!

Anyways, I immediately tried to model in the site topo tools and before I began I thought to myself "how hard could it be?" Well, I have to admit it was difficult at first to model in the site topo tools but now I realized that "any" form is possible there are just different rules that must be followed when modeling.
Therefore I plan to bring my pain and suffering from this experience to the Revit community so we all may learn and share our site topo modeling stories.

 Below is a human head that was modeled using only the site topo tools. This was briefly shown in the "complex" class I taught at AU2012. .

The Revit Site Topography Head

Also, I am working on a dolphin in the site topo tools, Its still a work in progress but it is showing the limits of what the program is capable of. These site topo modeling procedures I plan to teach in 2014 also apply to all the Revit LT users and all the Civil 3D users because the governing principles are the same as in Revit. So stay tuned all you Revit, Revit LT and Civil 3D site topo modelers... help is on the way in 2014. Perhaps even as soon as AU2013....
The Revit Site Topography Dolphin


Kuzev said...

Hi, Great work on this and many other approaches shown on this blog.
Something that's eating me from the inside for years now is how have you created the dolphin terrain. I have tried everything I could imagine. Importing geometry from other software and creating terrain from import gives me bizzares geometries. I tried slicing meshes and import only the profiles with no success. Even in Dynamo i have tried to create terrain from points but when there's a hanging piece it just cannot do it properly. I couldn't find where you have shown your approach on this (if you ever had). So if you could give me a link or explain with 2-3 lines how it's done it would be very appreciated.
Admirations for your out-of-the-box thinking!
Viktor Kuzev

Anonymous said...

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