Thursday, March 14, 2013

RTC NA 2012 Game Engine Class Revisited in 2013

In 2012 I taught a class at the Revit Technology Conference North America titled
"Visualizations to the Max Taking Revit into Game Engine Environments for Real‐Time Rendering, Physics, and Animation"

In the class, I basically showed how to take a Revit project and import it into a game engine.Then I showed how attendees could use the game engine environment to perform real time renders, animations, walkthroughs, etc... well... how to blow things up along the way.

I have received a lot of questions recently about how to perform tasks using a game engine and Revit. It reminded me that not everyone was able to attend RTC NA 2012 and since RTC classes are not available to be viewed online it made sense that I show what little footage of the actual class that I have to all of you.. 
 Mr. James Vandezande was able to film the first 4 minutes of the class. (Thank you James!)
FYI  I plan never ever teach this class again so soak up what you can now!

Enjoy and don't forget to sign up for RTC 2013

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