Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scaling the Classical Order of Columns in Revit

Over the last couple of months I have been  trying to get families to scale in Revit. I found that this was not an easy task. To demonstrate one of the four scaling methods that I developed "The Scale By Host" method I scaled the Revit Cow 10 times its original size in the class I taught at AU 2012 titled "Complex Geometry"

It was a fun exercise to place doors, windows and floors into the Revit Cow using the Intersection Method. I even found a bug in the program that Autodesk is going to fix!  
Scaling the Revit Cow and Adding Windows and Doors
However, from a practical stand point the cow will probably not be used on many projects in the future. I therefore decided to create a series of families that were more recognizable by the AECO industry and ones that would require scaling..."The Classical Order of Columns" 

The first one I have modeled in Revit is the Corinthian Column since it was the most complex and I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a class on "Scaling Families" in Revit at RTC 2013 Australiasia as well as RTC North America. In those classes I will be showing the entire class how to scale this Family!...and by using just one parameter! Note: no parameters will be nested either. So make plans to attend RTC this year!

Scaling the Classic Corinthian Column in Revit

As a side note, I have big big plans for the all the classical order of columns in Revit, once I finish them. So stay tuned readers, I may just be teaching a class or two on how to model these classical columns in the future. The Corinthian Column shown in the images below are considered "basic or low detail" if there is an interest I may model some with higher detail or different motifs. Did someone say...motif type selection?
Thank you and stay tuned dont forget to sign up for RTC 

The Corinthian Column in Revit "low detail"

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